Made for the Butterscotch ShenaniJam in 48 hours with the theme "[Ep74] Electric Leech."

Your ship is out of juice and you’re stranded in an alien solar system. You believe you are very lucky when you notice a power signature on one of the local planets and decide to land there… only to realize that the power was coming from a horde of hostile alien electric leeches! You have no choice but to harvest them for energy or else you will never be able to leave, but the only way to capture them is to lure them close and hope they don’t get too much of your blood!

TransFuse is a Tower Defense game where your goal is to balance how many leeches get through (instead of trying to keep all away). Every leech that reaches your spaceship will give you power but take a bit of your blood. Reach 500 power to leave the planet and win the game!

WebGL required for browser version.


Use mouse to place towers or aim cannon. Switch between placing turrets and using cannon with the left two buttons. Enable/disable all turrets with the right two buttons (useful for letting leeches through your defenses to gain power).

Keyboard Shortcuts:

P - Pause/unpause game.
M - Mute/unmute game.
B - Build turret mode.
F - Fire cannon mode.
A - Enable all turrets.
Z - Disable all turrets.


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ok those are gonna haunt my dreams